Price of a kitten includes:

– Multiple vet checks + EU passport
– Deworming and defleaing
– Microchipping
– Vaccination
– Desexing
– Pedigree
– Contract
– Support and guide for lifetime of cat

Large amounts of money, time and effort are made on:

1) Deciding on which cats to purchase by researching bloodlines, genetics and pedigrees.
There are many kittens that are termed “breed-quality” and are cheaper than “show quality” babies. I choose not to use any cat that has inbreeding in its recent lineage to avoid even more problems with the breed, as well as cats that show serious signs of Osteochrondroplasia (e.g. inflexible tail), even though they might be much cheaper. I will not sacrifice health for cats that win ribbons in the show ring.

2) We deal with very rare colours that are expensive to purchase. There are no other catteries here, even British Shorthair ones, that breed golden, colourpoint or white.

3) Purchasing cats at a show/breeding price.

4) Importing cats into the country (no other Scottish Fold cattery, as well as no BSH kittens in colours that we deal with, in Romania)

5) Registration of cats and kittens

6) Travelling internationally to shows and showing costs

7) Maintaining cats and cattery (expensive raw food, cleaning, toys, upkeep)

8) Socialising kittens especially during weeks 2-7

Knowledgeable, experienced cat breeders put a lot into their kittens and do not give them away. All proceeds, if any, goes right back into the cattery. Female cats are given sufficient rest before being bred from again.