Terms of sale include and are not limited to:

1. All cats and kittens are sold on a contract.
2. Pet kittens will be sterilised with no exceptions.
3. Kittens will move into the new home at earliest 12-16 weeks of age. Potential show kittens might be available later.
4. We operate on a paid waiting list, which is refundable if we do not have a kitten for you within a year. Once kittens are born and are between 4-6 weeks old, we then require a 50% deposit to hold the kitten of your choice. The remaining balance is to be paid when kitten is 8 weeks old.
5. At least 80% of daily diet must be meat. If you will feed your cat a vegetarian diet, do not consider buying a kitten from us. We are serious about the quality of the foods our cats are fed and will be fed. Feeding an animal that you have in your care is not about saving money but providing a species-appropriate diet for a long and healthy life.
6. No declawing is allowed.
7. All kittens are vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.
8. Minimal vaccinations only.
9. Indoor only, including secure outdoor enclosures. Your cat is not allowed to roam outside by itself under any circumstances, except taken outside by the owner for a walk on a leash.
10. Kittens for breeding purposes are only allowed to catteries with Early Altering programmes.
11. In any case you cannot keep the cat anymore, we must be informed.
12. We reserve the right to change our minds even after the deposit is taken. In this case, the deposit paid will be refunded.

We sell kittens worldwide, and help with shipping where possible.

We reserve the right to choose who we sell a kitten to. After you send us your initial request for the information, expect to be interviewed or asked specific questions in return. Nothing personal, if we turn you down as a potential buyer, we have our reasons and act in the best interests of all involved.

All kittens leave our house litter box and scratch-post trained. They eat mainly, get along with other cats & dogs, and are well socialised. We provide advice and support for the term of the cat’s life. Each kitten leaves with a kitten pack and information on cat care. In Bucharest, you can also purchase high-quality BARF from us.