CH Esmeralda von Baden-Württemberg (Jelly)

Jelly is undoubtably one of the prettiest, cutest Scottish Folds I have ever seen – in person or in pictures. She is such a playful character! Her large round eyes and perfect round head, together with her almost snow-white body, make her look like a snowman. She is my big love and is a shining specimen of her breed.

Colour: Black silver shell (chinchilla) (ns 12)
Father: Apollo von Baden-Württemberg *DE (ns 11)
Mother: Primadonna vom Zarentiger *DE (ns 11)
Jelly is Champion in WCF.
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I.CH. (WCF) DCH (TICA) Queen Zolotoi Zamok (Queen)

Queen… where do I even start? Beautiful doesn’t even come close to describing this perfect angel. Fantastic ears, rich deep golden coat, thick chunky size, absolutely gorgeous dark green eyes, long flexible tail… This baby is the pride and joy of our cattery. There is rarely a judge that doesn’t nominate her for Best in Show and rarely a visitor that walks past without their breath taken away.

Colour: Black golden ticked (ny 25)
Father: Golden King Zolotoi Zamok *RU (SFS71 ny 25)
Mother: CH Feliciya Zolotoi Zamok *RU (SFS ny 25)
Queen has been nominated 8 times, Best Opposite Sex twice, Best in Show twice, Best of Best II once and Best of Best III once. Queen is International Champion WCF.

Queen is Double Grand Champion in TICA.

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CH GoldenEmpire Nafisa Golden Queen (Wysteria)

Wysteria has a very rare colour – lilac golden. Her big smile and ‘non-existent’ ears gives an owl-like appearance to this sweet girl with a placid personality. We hope she will give us beautiful lilac golden babies with huge eyes just like herself.

Colour: Lilac golden spotted (cy 24)
Father: CH Mafdet Mint Kinder-Smile *UA (SFL cy 11)
Mother: GoldenEmpire Aliaska *UA (SFS71 cy 11)
Wysty is Champion in WCF.

Kardashian of Tobias Village (Kardashian)

Kardashian is the latest addition to our family. Sweet as sugar and beautiful alike a rainbow, she was a baby I couldn’t resist. She has since grown to be one of my biggest girls and true to her name, is a beautiful girl with the signature big butt 😉

Colour: Tortie – white (f 03)
Father: CH O.Jackon Superfold (SFS ny 22 03)
Mother: Ula Tobias Village *RU (SFS71 d 22 02)
Kardashian was Best in Show once.

Multifold Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean is the daughter of Jelly and Sterling. She is a copy of her mother (and maybe even better) but inherited her father’s expression. She additionally carries golden, dilute and perhaps even colourpoint genes. Bean is just the sweetest, with huge marble eyes and an appetite that won’t quit. This baby just had to stay with me.

Nickname: Bean
Colour: Black silver shaded (chinchilla) (ns 11)
Father: Ch Quinn Quillan Gatto DeRey *RU (ay 11)
Mother: Ch Esmeralda von Baden-Wurttemberg *DE (ns 11)
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