Here we showcase some of our happy graduates that bring joy to their owners.

Multifold Barny

Highland Fold
Barny lives happily with Eyup & Rox in Moscow, Russia.

Multifold Honeycomb Toffee

Scottish Straight
Honey is having a ball with Adina in Bucharest.

Follow his adventures at @honeycomb_toffee

Multifold Be Still My Heart (Deco)

Scottish Fold
Deco is adored by Alex, Dan and her British Shorthair brother Echo in California, USA.

“Your babies are the cutest! Look at Deco! Who wouldn’t say this baby is not the cutest and healthiest baby? 😽 But she is my baby now. Hehe. I love her so much. She is just stunning!”

Check out more photos at @cats_deco_echo

Multifold Solar Beam (Juju Bee)

Scottish Straight
Juju lives with his 11-year-old DSH brother Max and mom Cynthia in California, USA.

Catch him in action (and inaction) at @thejujukitty

Multifold Lava Plume & Multifold Tequila Sunrise

Scottish Straight (Lava)
British Shorthair (Tequila)
They share a wonderful home with Lawrence & Ioana in Galati.

“We decided on getting a kitten and started to search for a trustworthy cattery.
We found Multifold Cattery and got in touch with Elizabeth after reading through the website.
We introduced ourselves and told her we want a British Shorthair kitten, no matter the coat colour or sex.
We had to wait for the next litter which was Stardust x Sterling, the most gorgeous kitten we could imagine! So it began the wait, the 12 weeks before we could take Tequila home!
Meanwhile, guess what? We fell in love with Lava, a beautiful Scottish Straight girl and decided we had to take her home too!

We were guided throughout the journey by Elizabeth, she advised us on food, litter, cat tree, toys, first-aid kit, all things you would need when welcoming a kitten into your house! She advised us also on catifying the house and introducing the cats.

We realised how helpful she was and continues to be, cause an ethical breeder cares for the kittens their whole lives and offers great advice everytime! I am so happy we decided on purebreed as we gained a very competent advisor on all things cat!”

Multifold Shiawase & Multifold Moonshine

Scottish Fold (Shiawase)
British Shorthair (Moonshine)

Shia & Moon are pearls on their mom Grace’s palm in sunny Los Angeles, USA.

Multifold Flounder (Sheldon)

Scottish Straight
Sheldon is spoiled by Julien & Alyona in Bucharest, Paris & Moscow.

Track his journey at @sheldon_mr_fluff

Multifold Mocha Chip (Nosferatu) & Multifold Alcide

Scottish Fold
Nos and Alcide have fun chasing birds in Colorado, USA with Traci.

Multifold Red Velvet (Ziggy)

Scottish Fold
Ziggy tortures Robert in Bucharest.

Multifold Cassiel

British Shorthair
Cassiel goes on walks with his French Bulldog sister Misha and his parents Costin & Loredana in Orléans, France.

Multifold Prince Rodolphe

British Shorthair
Prince Rodolphe fits right in on the piano with Dana & her family in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Multifold Rose (Sophie)

British Shorthair
Sophie is a tiny girl that fills Irin & Dana’s hearts in Bucharest.

Multifold Martisor (Eevee)

Scottish Straight
Eevee is right at home with Eduard & Larisa in Bucharest.

Multifold Spencer

Multifold Spencer

Spencer lives in Missouri, USA with Miranda & family.

I was so nervous about purchasing a cat from over seas and the shipping process. Multifold Cattery was in constant communication with me during the entire time. I never went a day without having my questions answered. I was also provided with additional resources and information about caring for my new fur baby. I couldn’t be happier with my cuddle buddy. Spencer has brought so much love and laughter into our home. Thank you.