How much are your kittens?

Suffice to say, they are not cheap. They reflect the quality of the kittens and amount of effort and money I put into my cats. Please read here for more information. The price is based on quality, colour and type of each individual kitten. We sometimes have older cats looking for a loving, forever home.

A cat is a serious financial commitment. If you cannot afford a pedigreed cat, why not opt for a rescue cat? The love they give will not be less than that of a pedigreed kitten.

Are your fees negotiable?


I don’t need pedigree/microchip/vaccinations. Can I get a discount?

No. We do not sell kittens without pedigree, microchip or vaccinations.

I like your cats and would like a kitten from you, but I would like to have one that is entire. My vet/grandmother/random guy on the street told me that it’s better for a cat to have a litter before she is desexed / I heard it’s better for a cat to have her first heat before she’s spayed / desexing animals is animal cruelty!

Please look elsewhere. All our pet kittens are desexed without exceptions. This is done in the best interest of the kitten and ensures that he or she lives a healthy, happy life without fear of being misused in unethical breeding programmes. We sell kittens as loving animal companions in a family setting, and do not tolerate them being ill-treated in anyway. Early age spay/neuter is

Do your kittens shed much fur?

Yes, they can shed quite a lot, especially when they change coats, under stress etc. Frequent, if not daily grooming is a must. Everybody’s tolerance level is different though, and personally I find the amount shed manageable.

Please note that British and Scottish shorthair kittens are moderate to high shedders and are not low-shedding at all.

Should I get a male or a female kitten?

All our kittens are desexed prior to moving to their new homes. As such, there is not a huge difference between genders. A much better indicator is personality. Tell us what you are looking for in a kitten and we can match you to the right one for you.

Why can’t the kitties be indoor & outdoor? It’s cruel and unfair to keep them inside!

Is it better to let them be chased and eaten by stray dogs, run over by cars or run away? If you must let your cat outside, build an enclosure in your yard or walk your cat with a leash and harness.

How often should I bathe my cat?

Once in a blue moon. Bathing will help with the heat in summer as well as help with hair fall. However, excess bathing will dry out the natural oils in the skin. I urge you to bathe your cat at most once in two months.

What is your number? Can I call you?

All contact through the website please until I voluntarily give you my number. I would like potential new owners to read through my website thoroughly before contacting me. Also, please understand that I am not Romanian and do not speak the language well.

I would like to buy a kitten for my son/daughter/boyfriend/wife etc for Christmas/ his birthday.

A cat is a 20-year commitment. We require the buyer to buy the kitten himself and to be aware of all requirements. Kittens should not be a gift and much less a surprise. Buy a cat if you want one for yourself and are willing to take on all responsibility for it, and not expect a 7-year-old to be mature enough to take full care of a cat. Kittens are not just for Christmas. They are lives and members of the family. It can be life-changing. Think carefully before you decide to purchase one.

Can I feed my cat a vegan/vegetarian diet?

No. Cats are carnivores and need at least 80% meat. You are free to have your own beliefs but it is selfish to impose said beliefs on a creature that was designed to be an obligate carnivore. Please consider getting a herbivore pet like a rabbit instead.

Can I feed my cat raw pork?

Of course, and please do. Pork is a very affordable form of red meat that should be a staple in your cat’s diet. As long as you feed raw, fresh, human-grade pork from a reputable source (eg. not roadkill or wild pork), it’s fine. If you are concerned, however, freezing the pork for at least three weeks should kill the virus. A study showed that the “virus was not detectable in any of the tissues after 35 days of storage at -18 degrees C.”

What are you looking for in potential families?

We look for people who are willing to learn and research who have the ability (both financially and time-wise) to provide utmost care for their cats. We are very demanding and sell only to the best homes.

How much do you make from cat breeding?

If you really must know, currently, it stands somewhere in the negative tens of thousands of euros. If we did this for the money, we must be very, very stupid indeed. This is a labour of love and passion which we hope like-minded enthusiasts of these breeds can share and propagate.

Why do you breed Scottish Folds to British Shorthair?

We do this to ensure that the kittens do not inherit two copies of the Fold gene, as some Scottish straight cats may genetically still be a fold. British cats are healthy and robust, and add health and genetic variation into the Scottish breed.

Are your Scottish Fold kittens single, double or triple fold?

We prefer to produce single and sometimes double folds as the degree of Fold expressed on the ear indicates the degree of expression of the gene in the rest of the body.