Our kittens have great temperaments. They are playful, excellent companions, very affectionate with both people and animals.

Pet kittens leave the cattery only after 3-4 months of age, dewormed, vaccinated and desexed without exceptions. They will have microchips, pedigree and an EU pet passport, and are only sold on a contract. We do not provide breeding cats other than to registered and ethical breeders.

Even before the kittens are born, we invest much effort to make sure that they have the best possible start in life, hence we are very selective about prospective owners.

Please keep in mind that we do not offer our kittens in the following cases:
– Impulse buyers, or people who are in a hurry to acquire a kitten;
– Persons without the means to afford a British / Scottish and the related costs of raising one;
– People who leave home very often;
– Pet shop owners, commercial businesses and backyard breeders;
– In laboratories for experiments;
– As surprise gifts. Pets are not only for Christmas or birthdays!

For any owner of one of the kittens coming from us – expect to keep in touch, keep us updated with information about the progress of the cat and we are willing to give full support to resolve any issues that she might encounter.

Oskar Don Captain (e 02) X Agatha von Mursilka (ns 11)
Scottish kittens born 24/03/17
All kittens carry dilute, LH and golden.

Photo Name Gender Breed Colour status
Donut Hug male Scottish Fold Black silver shaded – white (ns 11 03) Available


We have adult cats available for a nominal fee.
Please get in touch if you are interested in an adult cat.