British Shorthair & Longhair

Please note that we are a closed cattery and we do not provide stud duties.

Zephyr Intriga

Zephyr is one of my naughtiest and most loving cats. There is no possible way not to love him as he is both sticky and greedy. We look forward to a great show career and wonderful, typey kittens with the same fantastic personality.

Nickname: Zephyr
Colour: Black silver shaded (BRI ns 11)
Father: Romeo GoldenBri*EE (BRI ay 11)
Mother: Emilia GoldenBri*EE (BRI ns 11)
Coming Soon

Viva Vogue Quercitron (Lemon)

My dream baby from dream parents! Lemon is my first British Longhair and this sweetheart is simply stunning. His placid yet playful nature in addition to his fantastic looks has won us over from day one.

Nickname: Lemon
Colour: Black golden shaded (BRI ny 11)
Father: Moon Shine Golden Yoshi*RU (BRI ny 25)
Mother: Viva Vogue Capriccio*RU (BRL ny 25)
PKD, FIV/FeLV To be tested
Coming Soon

Multifold Absinthe

I could not resist keeping this baby! With large, expressive eyes like his father’s and a strong cobby body like his mother’s, Absinthe is a dream British cat. Sweet, playful and greedy, he has a great personality which we hope will pass on to his offspring.

Absinthe lives with my friends Alina and Nadia.

Nickname: Absinthe
Colour: Black golden shaded (BRI ny 25)
Father: CH Quinn Quillan Gatto DeRey*RU (BRI ay 11)
Mother: CH Kamilla Rose Intriga*RU (BRI ny 25)
PKD, FIV/FeLV Negative
Coming Soon

Scottish Fold

Oskar Don Captain

My beautiful extreme boy from Ukraine. He has deep round orange eyes, a small nose, perfect ears and perfect bite. We expect even better kittens from him!

Nickname: Captain
Colour: Cream-white harlequin (SFL f02)
Father: Oskar Don Ilyusha *UA (SFL71 d 21 02)
Mother: Oskar Don Malta *UA (SFL g 21 03)
Coming Soon

Roshen of Multifold

Roshen has grown and developed into a strong, cobby, affectionate young adult. He is our new stud and has the cutest shocked expression. Roshen carries golden and dilute and we just adore every aspect of him. It is impossible not to fall in love with him!

Roshen lives with my friend Alex.

Nickname: Roshen
Colour: Chocolate tabby (SFS71 b 24)
Father: Legend of Stonehenge Anri*UA (SFS71 by 11)
Mother: Ronda*UA (SFS71 a)
Coming Soon