Kindly read through the website thoroughly before contacting us. We will not answer anonymous emails or to those who do not give us the requested information. Please expect to be asked more questions with after you submit an initial request for a kitten.

All pet kittens are sold STERILISED without exception.

To enquire about a kitten, please kindly provide the following information:

– Name, Last Name
– City and country of residence
– Cattery name and website (if applicable)
– The purpose of buying (for breeding or pet)
– Colour, gender and ears preference, or kitten interested in
– Tell us about yourself/your family, other pets, working hours etc

We do not reply to anonymous emails or to emails that ask only about the price.

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    If Scottish Fold,
    are you aware of the possible health issues they may have?
    Yes Not Applicable
    Purpose of purchase: Pet Only Breeding