The British Shorthair and Scottish Fold come in almost all colours. Blue, black, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, tortie, smoke, cameo, tabby, bicolour, tricolour, etc are what we call classic colours.

In our cattery, we focus on the rare and special colours of Silver & Gold chinchilla & colourpoint, and White. We sometimes also have parti-colours.

The traditional colours, including white, give Orange eye colours, while Silver & Golden have either blue or green eye colours.



White is the ultimate masking gene. It is the most dominant of all colours. A cat can be chocolate, golden or tortoiseshell, but if he has one copy of the white gene, he will be white. About 50% of his offspring, when bred to non-whites, will be white. A cat that has two copies of the white gene is referred to as a “homozygous white” and 100% of its offspring will be white – regardless of what colour it is bred to. White cats can have blue eyes, orange eyes or one blue & one orange.

Silver & Golden


The British and Scottish silver chinchilla differ in character and behaviour from those of the classic colours (blue, chocolate etc). Taking the best from their classic British brethren – intelligence, beauty and independence, the silvers and goldens are also more sociable, inquisitive and playful. The chinchilla fur coat is truly magnificent – white or golden plush fur with black tips and emerald or crystal blue eyes. These cats are black genetically, but they have a gene that “eats” the black pigment in the hairs, leaving only the tips of the hair and liner around the eyes and nose black. They also have black paws. Falling under the spell of these chinchilla beauties, you are unlikely to ever be able to part with them! The chinchilla colourpoints have a soft, plush coat with intense blue eyes.

Tricolour & Harlequin


Their beauty notwithstanding, tricolour and calico cats are considered to be lucky in many cultures. The famous Maneki Neko, or beckoning cat, is the popular Japanese symbol believed to bring good luck and fortune to the owner. The three colours (dominant) are white, black and red, while the dilute tricolour consists of white, blue and cream. Calico cats have more white than the other two colours.


Harlequin cats are a subset of bicolour cats. These are mainly white cats. Van cats are a specific type of harlequin cats that have patches of colour on the the head and tail.