CH Kamilla Rose Intriga (Stardust)

Stardust is a small, chunky, fiesty little sprite. She absolutely loves her raw meat and loves to play. You might not believe how spunky this girl is! There is hardly anyone that can come across her and not fall in love with her instantly. We hope to conquer new heights with this terrific typey girl.

Colour: Black golden ticked (BRI ny 25)
Father: Black Hasso of Britain Yard *LV (BRI ny 25)
Mother: Emilia GoldenBri *EE (BRI ns 11)
Stardust has been nominated once and is Champion in WCF.
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CH Sparking Rime Dior (Dior)

Dior combines some of the best lineages of Russian British Shorthair chinchillas. As a kitten, not only did she win Best Opposite Sex at her first show, but also won the hearts of many visitors at all the shows she’s been at. Dior is a beautiful silver shaded girl with a very light coat, almost resembling a chinchilla.

Colour: Black silver shaded (BRI ns 11(12))
Father: Kayros Pride Nicki *RU (BRI ns 11)
Mother: Lara-Cat Rosabell *RU (BRI ns 11)
Dior has been nominated thrice and Best Opposite Sex once.
Dior is Champion in WCF.
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Tilly Moon Sissi (Gloop)

Our baby from Czech Republic, Gloop is a funny little girl who is cute beyond words. She is playful, affectionate and full of silly antics that will leave you laughing in stitches! A perfect exemplar of a blue golden chinchilla, Gloop has the most beautiful deep emerald eyes and even, gorgeous blue golden coat.

Colour: Blue golden shaded (chinchilla) (BRI ay 11(12))
Father: Ettore Gatto Salvatico *CZ (BRI ny 11)
Mother: Clementine von den Saalbergen *CZ (BRI ny 11)
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Agatha von Mursilka (Fräulein)

The first thing you notice about this incredible German doll is that pair of huge, mesmerizing limpid pools for eyes. The second thing is her wide, round face resembling a bun. That great conformation is accompanied with a fantastic coat all in one vocal, playful package.

Colour: Black silver shaded (BRI ns 11)
Father: Quentin Evelin Star von Mursilka *RU (BRI ny 25)
Mother: Celesta Land Mur *RU (BRI ns 12)