Registered with CFA and TICA, Multifold is the first Scottish Fold cattery in Romania. We specialise in Scottish Folds & British Shorthair, as well as their longhair counterparts.

The aim of our cattery is to better the breed and to introduce well-bred, quality Scottish and British kittens to the country. Currently, we focus on silver & golden (chinchilla & colourpoint), though sometimes we also have traditional coloured kittens. All our cats are imported from abroad from top quality catteries. Our cats are raised in a smoke-free, climate-controlled indoor environment. They are fed a high quality diet of mainly raw, well-socialised with humans and other pets, and have minimal vaccinations for optimal health.

We are a FIV/FeLV/PKD negative cattery. All Folds are tested and x-rayed before breeding. Matings are always between a straight-eared cat and a folded-eared one and never fold to fold. We breed Scottish Fold to British Shorthair or DNA-tested Scottish Straights only. We breed for ourselves and for the show ring.

We are a young cattery located in central Bucharest, Romania. If you are interested in an available kitten or adult from us, please contact us.